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              廣州雪爾商貿有限公司 已認證

              • 外商獨資.外企辦事處
              • 1-49人
              • 面輔料,服裝服飾

              公司介紹 招聘職位(2)


              Shire Limited is a Hong Kong based company, we have three different divisions namely Garment Accessories, Fabrics (Knitted & Woven both) and Garments; we are engaged in manufacturing/sourcing of Textile products (please find the enclosed attachment) , with our manufacturing partners in Mainland China. All of our manufacturing facilities are complied with International Standards, (i.e ISO9001-2008, BSCI, Sedex and Testex, Oeko-Tex Standard 100).

              We have our own Internal Quality Management System (QMS), laboratories and technical teams for each different product; holding a rich experience and expertise. Our Internal Quality Management System is one of the distinction feature of our organization, its not only responsible to deliver quality product according to customer requirements but its also responsible for Corporate Social Responsibility.

              We are promising to meet timely deliveries and shorten the production lead-time, in order to support our customers (retailers, buying houses, garment factories and trading companies), so they can further manage their deliveries schedules.


              地   址:廣州市海珠區閱江中路686號 查看地圖

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              • 面料QC



              • 面料QC



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