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              • 私營.民營企業
              • 1000-2000人
              • 織造,染整,面輔料


              公司介紹 招聘職位(11)

              xiangbu group was founded in 2017 after 28 years of development, evolution & restructuring of the business and has below four fully owned subsidiary companies:


              beijing kailong textile co. ltd. (handles international business of the group)


              beijing bukai textile co. ltd.(handles domestic (china) business of the group)


              hebei bukai co. limited.(handles product design, development & manufacturing business of the group)


              beijing king garment & accessories company ltd. (handles waistband production of the group)


              “bukai” & “xiangbu”which is used by above all subsidiary companies.


              beijing kailong textile co. ltdis the flagship company of the group & it was established in 1989 at beijing, china. it has been catering to the needs of the global apparel industry for 28 years. over the years we have built a business based on trust and have earned a reputation of one of the most reliable manufactures of textile accessories in china. we have been serving garment industry with ingenuity and devotion & care for nature, business partners and society.


              the company has been thriving on the core values of trust, responsibility, gratitude and growth of the employees.


              we are a company with its own fully integrated manufacturing set up and international sales network. we have a strong team of sales, marketing, supply- chain, design and development professionals to cater to the ever demanding needs of fashion industry.



              our product portfolio includes all kinds of pocketing (herringbone, plain, twill, oxfords, chambrays, end on end, printed, yarn dyed, knitted), linings (regular, mesh, printed, jacquards, dobbies, sleeve lining) waistbands (dress & casual), interlinings & band rolls.


              we have a wide range of premium, specialty fabrice.g., radiation proof, wicking, anti- static and stretch lining and pocketing also.


              in future we are going to come up with shell fabric and garments as well to become one stop shop for the fashion industry.



              地   址:北京市亦莊經濟技術開發區文化園西路8號院林肯公園21號樓(c區)2807-2808室 查看地圖

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